Wet Ink: Dec 11


Wet Ink Columbia University Residency – Fall Premieres: Part 2
St Peters Church
Saturday December 11, 2010 – 8pm

Wet Ink’s residency at Columbia University will include five world premieres for large ensemble by New York City based composers as well as Alex Mincek’s large scale electro-acoustic work Pendulum. From the sweeping orchestral textures of composers like Mika Pelo and Geof Holbrook to the sound explorations of Brahim Kerkour and Yoshiaki Onishi to the multimedia experimentations of Josh Cody this large ensemble concert looks to be a highlight of the fall concert season in New York.


Brahim Kerkour – New Work
Mika Pelo – Cloudy
Geof Holbrook – Future Perfect
Alex Mincek – Pendulum V
Yoshi Onishi – Palinody
Joshua Cody – Good Men and Good Women

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