IC Violin Class: Violin Acoustics Resources


I have posted two new documents here which build upon the concepts we discussed at the combined Rep Class on April 6.  First, here is a reference guide for the harmonic series on violin and viola (also works for Cello and Bass, with octave transpositions).  Study it for a deeper understanding of the relationship of the strings on our instrument, and keep it around as a quick reference sheet if questions about harmonics arise in your repertoire.

Violin-Viola Harmonic Series Charts

Next, here is a revised and expanded version of the Practical Examples sheet I handed out on April 6.  Based on our discussion, I added an alternate intonation plan for the Bach B Minor which proposes that you match pitch to open string whenever possible.  On the second page, you will find one possible intonation interpretation for the Bach Ciaccona.  Notice how dissonant the overtones are!  This is why the Ciaccona is so dark, and also why it is a difficult piece to play in tune.

Violin Acoustics: Repertoire Examples

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