Old Discography


A release of improvised music for violin and guitar with Patrick Higgins.
Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney – NNA Tapes

Eric Wubbels: being-time
A large-scale composition for string quartet and electronic sound by Eric Wubbels, recorded at EMPAC last year. The piece is huge in scope and ambition, yet totally beautiful and soul-satisfying. Josh Modney’s final recording with Mivos, capping off 8 fantastic years with the group.
Mivos Quartet, Bryan Jacobs – Carrier Records

Sam Pluta: Broken Symmetries
Pluta’s second solo album, including “hydra” (written for Wet Ink’s Eric Wubbels and Josh Modney), Broken Symmetries (for Wet Ink, featuring Josh Modney as violin soloist) and “Chain Reactions / Five Events” (written for Mivos Quartet).
Anne LaBerge, Josh Modney, Mivos Quartet, Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Alex Mincek: Torrent
The debut release of Sound American Productions’ composer portraits series, featuring Wet Ink Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, and Yarn/Wire. Josh Modney performs on every track on the album, including a new set of violin/piano duos written for Josh and Eric Wubbels.
Alex Mincek, Wet Ink Ensemble – Sound American Publications


Eric Wubbels: Duos With Piano: Book I
Wubbels’s debut album, featuring his monumental violin/piano duo “the children of fire come looking for fire”, and duos with flute, vibraphone, and saxophone.
Eric Wubbels, Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Mivos Quartet: Garden of Diverging Paths
Mivos’s second album, featuring works by Taylor Brook, Andrew Greenwald, and Kate Soper.
Mivos Quartet, Kate Soper – New Focus Records


John Zorn: Fragmentations, Prayers And Interjections
Live recording of Arcana performing works for orchestra by John Zorn including Contes de Fées, Kol Nidre, Suppôts et Supplications, and Orchestral Variations.
Arcana – Tzadik Records


Mivos Quartet: Reappearances
Mivos’s debut album, including works by Alex Mincek, David Brynjar Franzson, Felipe Lara, and Wolfgang Rihm.
Mivos Quartet – Carrier Records

Kate Soper: Voices from the Killing Jar
Studio recording of Kate Soper’s concert-length work. Written for the Wet Ink Ensemble’s energetic performance practice and unique instrumental doublings.
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Zola Jesus: Versions
Zola Jesus, JG Thirlwell, Mivos Quartet – Sacred Bones Records

Patrick Higgins: String Quartet No. 2, Glacia
A double-LP featuring Higgins’s String Quartet No. 2 with electro-acoustic compositions including Wind Tunnel for violin and live electronics.
Josh Modney, Mivos Quartet – Ex Cathedra Records


Wet Ink: Relay
Works written for Wet Ink by George Lewis, Rick Burkhardt, Eric Wubbels, Alex Mincek, Kate Soper and Sam Pluta.
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Sam Pluta: Machine Language
Wet Ink Ensemble, Mivos Quartet – Carrier Records

Matthew Hough: Remembered States
Works for ensemble – Original Abstractions Records

Katharina Rosenberger: TEXTUREN
Winner – Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik
Wet Ink Ensemble – hat[now]ART

Bojan Vuletic: Atemwende
Mivos Quartet, Nate Wooley – Ignoring Gravity Music


Alex Mincek
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

George Lewis: Les Exercises Spirituels
Wet Ink Ensemble – Tzadik Records

Andy Akiho: No One to Know One
Works for ensemble – Innova Records

Matthew Hough & In Hyun Kim: Music=quals
Works for ensemble – Carrier Records


Sarah Kirkland Snider: Penelope
Ensemble Signal – New Amsterdam Records

Ned Rothenberg: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings
Mivos Quartet, Ned Rothenberg – Tzadik Records


Wet Ink Ensemble
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records



being time cover

Wubbels: being-time

Broken Symmetries

Pluta: Broken Symmetries

torrent cover

Mincek: Torrent


Wubbels: Duos

Wet Ink: Relay

Wet Ink: Relay


Mivos Quartet: Reappearances



George Lewis: Les Exercises Spirituels

George Lewis: Les Exercises Spirituels

Patrick Higgins: Glacia

Patrick Higgins: Glacia

Kate Soper: Voices From The Killing Jar

Kate Soper: Voices From The Killing Jar

Bojan Vuletic: Atemwende

Bojan Vuletic: Atemwende

Alex Mincek

Alex Mincek


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