A release of improvised music for violin and guitar with Patrick Higgins.
Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney – NNA Tapes

Alex Mincek: Torrent
The debut release of Sound American Productions’ composer portraits series, featuring Wet Ink Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, and Yarn/Wire. Josh Modney performs on every track on the album, including a new set of violin/piano duos written for Josh and Eric Wubbels.
Alex Mincek, Wet Ink Ensemble – Sound American Publications


Eric Wubbels: Duos With Piano: Book I
Wubbels’s debut album, featuring his monumental violin/piano duo “the children of fire come looking for fire”, and duos with flute, vibraphone, and saxophone.
Eric Wubbels, Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Mivos Quartet: Garden of Diverging Paths
Mivos’s second album, featuring works by Taylor Brook, Andrew Greenwald, and Kate Soper.
Mivos Quartet, Kate Soper – New Focus Records


John Zorn: Fragmentations, Prayers And Interjections
Live recording of Arcana performing works for orchestra by John Zorn including Contes de Fées, Kol Nidre, Suppôts et Supplications, and Orchestral Variations.
Arcana – Tzadik Records


Mivos Quartet: Reappearances
Mivos’s debut album, including works by Alex Mincek, David Brynjar Franzson, Felipe Lara, and Wolfgang Rihm.
Mivos Quartet – Carrier Records

Kate Soper: Voices from the Killing Jar
Studio recording of Kate Soper’s concert-length work. Written for the Wet Ink Ensemble’s energetic performance practice and unique instrumental doublings.
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Zola Jesus: Versions
Zola Jesus, JG Thirlwell, Mivos Quartet – Sacred Bones Records

Patrick Higgins: String Quartet No. 2, Glacia
A double-LP featuring Higgins’s String Quartet No. 2 with electro-acoustic compositions including Wind Tunnel for violin and live electronics.
Josh Modney, Mivos Quartet – Ex Cathedra Records


Wet Ink: Relay
Works written for Wet Ink by George Lewis, Rick Burkhardt, Eric Wubbels, Alex Mincek, Kate Soper and Sam Pluta.
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

Sam Pluta: Machine Language
Wet Ink Ensemble, Mivos Quartet – Carrier Records

Matthew Hough: Remembered States
Works for ensemble – Original Abstractions Records

Katharina Rosenberger: TEXTUREN
Winner – Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik
Wet Ink Ensemble – hat[now]ART

Bojan Vuletic: Atemwende
Mivos Quartet, Nate Wooley – Ignoring Gravity Music


Alex Mincek
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records

George Lewis: Les Exercises Spirituels
Wet Ink Ensemble – Tzadik Records

Andy Akiho: No One to Know One
Works for ensemble – Innova Records

Matthew Hough & In Hyun Kim: Music=quals
Works for ensemble – Carrier Records


Sarah Kirkland Snider: Penelope
Ensemble Signal – New Amsterdam Records

Ned Rothenberg: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings
Mivos Quartet, Ned Rothenberg – Tzadik Records


Wet Ink Ensemble
Wet Ink Ensemble – Carrier Records




Wubbels: Duos

Wet Ink: Relay

Wet Ink: Relay


Mivos Quartet: Reappearances



George Lewis: Les Exercises Spirituels

George Lewis: Les Exercises Spirituels

Patrick Higgins: Glacia

Patrick Higgins: Glacia

Kate Soper: Voices From The Killing Jar

Kate Soper: Voices From The Killing Jar

Bojan Vuletic: Atemwende

Bojan Vuletic: Atemwende

Alex Mincek

Alex Mincek

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