Leroy Jenkins: Wonderlust (2000)
concerto for improvising violin soloist and ensemble

Live Recording | ACO Jazz Composers Orchestral Institute 2010 | Miller Theater, NYC | Josh Modney, Wet Ink Ensemble

Bernard Parmegiani: Violostries (1964) [excerpt]
for violin and tape

Excerpt includes Movements 1 & 2 | Live Recording, Walden Creative Musicians Retreat 2014 (Dublin, NH) | Josh Modney (violin), Sam Pluta (engineer)

Sam Pluta: Portraits/Self-Portraits – Jim Altieri with a Ring Modulator Circuit (2012)
for violin soloist and large ensemble

Live Recording | Josh Modney, Wet Ink Ensemble

Patrick Higgins: Wind Tunnel (2013)
for violin and live electronics

From “Patrick Higgins: String Quartet No. 2/Glacia”(2013) | Ex Cathedra Records | Josh Modney (violin), Patrick Higgins (electronics)

Patrick Higgins & Mivos: Improvisation
for guitar, live processing, string quartet

Live Recording, WNUR Radio (Evanston, IL)

D. Edward Davis: coo coo (2012)
for amplified violin and live processing

Live Recording, Duke University (Durham, NC) | Josh Modney (violin), D. Edward Davis (electronics)


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“EVRLY MVSIC” Album Trailer
a new album of improvised music for violin and guitar on NNA tapes with Patrick Higgins

Sam Pluta: Portraits / Self Portraits (2010)
for violin soloist and ensemble
Josh Modney, Wet Ink Ensemble | St. Peter’s Church, Chelsea

Sam Pluta: portraits/self portraits (2010) from Wet Ink Ensemble on Vimeo.

Sam Pluta: Broken Symmetries (2012)
for violin soloist, software-controlled feedback, and ensemble
Josh Modney, Wet Ink Ensemble | The DiMenna Center, NYC

J.S. Bach (arr. Patrick Higgins): Contrapunctus XIX, Art of Fugue
Mivos Quartet | WQXR Cafe Concert Series

Kate Soper: Cipher (2013)
for violin and soprano | Josh Modney, Kate Soper | EMPAC (Troy, NY)

Eric Wubbels: “the children of fire come looking for fire” (2012)
for violin and prepared piano | Josh Modney, Eric Wubbels | NYC

Dai Fujikura: String Quartet No. 2, Flare (2010)
Mivos Quartet | The DiMenna Center, NYC

Alex Mincek: Pendulum VII
Wet Ink Large Ensemble | The DiMenna Center, NYC

Rick Burkhardt: You, My Mother, a chamber opera – “Josh’s Solo” (2012)
Josh Modney, Yarn/Wire, The Theater of the Two Headed Calf | The Ellen Stewart Theater of La Mama (NYC)