Sam Pluta: Broken Symmetries

Anne La Berge | Josh Modney
Mivos Quartet | Wet Ink Ensemble
Carrier Records
Nov 12, 2017
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“This dazzling collection features writing done for four different instrumental groupings in which [Pluta’s] contributions include, in shifting degrees, algorithmic electronic responses, live manipulations, improvisation, and notes on a page. “Hydra” is a dizzying hall of mirrors trio with pianist Eric Wubbels and violinist Josh Modney—all three of them are core members of the daring Wet Ink Ensemble, who also interpret his grueling title piece here—where each musician unleashes spontaneous lines and extended techniques that run off the staff paper.”
-Peter Margasak, Bandcamp Daily

Sam Pluta’s latest album of chamber music, written over extended periods of collaboration with the performers. Josh Modney is featured as soloist on the title track, and performs with Wet Ink on hydra and with Mivos on Chain Reactions/Five Events.

Press Release:

Broken Symmetries features four of my electro-acoustic pieces written between 2012 and 2016.

This music is very personal, as I perform on electronics on 3 of the 4 tracks collected here. These pieces are my attempt to merge two distinct aspects of my personality as an artist, drawing my largely improvisatory language as a laptopist into the world of composition and notation, while at the same time pulling my notation-based language into the world of improvisation. This is the drama of the music.

While personal, these works were also all written for the people on these recordings, who are some of my best friends and without whom this music simply could not exist. A million thanks to Wet Ink, Anne, and Mivos for their incredible musicianship.

-Sam Pluta, Oct 2017