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“A new-music luminary”
-Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“multitasking virtuoso”
-Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“stunning… the engagement with timbre and texture is out of this world.”
-Peter Margasak, Bandcamp Daily

“Baroque grandiosity… with a modern tension and heaviness… that resonate with the times we live in”
BBC Radio

“clairvoyant connection and sheer instrumental prowess”
The Quietus

“Joshua Modney, the violin soloist, was superb”
-Steve Smith, The New York Times

“Josh Modney is one of the leading interpreters of contemporary music for the violin”
-Ted Gordon, PSNY

“a superb violinist”
-David Allen, The New York Times

“Violinist Joshua Modney’s long sustained harmonic that brought this physical and emotional piece to its conclusion was astounding [Alex Mincek String Quartet No. 3]”
-Mike Telin, Cleveland Classical

“Brash, energetic [performances]”
-Steve Smith, The New York Times

“Ipsa Dixit” in The New Yorker


Members of Wet Ink (Kate Soper, Josh Modney, Erin Lesser, Ian Antonio) featured in Alex Ross’s profile of Soper’s “Ipsa Dixit”. CLICK HERE to view full article.

Profile on PSNY Greenroom

Modney greenroom banner

Profile of Josh on PSNY’s “Greenroom” series. CLICK HERE to view full article.

Wet Ink Ensemble

“No group was more bracingly thought-provoking and expansive than the Wet Ink Ensemble. These seven New York musicians/composers are fearless in testing the limitations of what instruments or musical forms can be.”
-Edward Ortiz, The San Francisco Classical Voice

” … the fantastic Wet Ink Ensemble combined striking stylistic and aesthetic assurance and with technical perfection.”
-Torsten Möller, Dissonanz (Switzerland)

“[Wet Ink] combined technical finesse with a palpable commitment that made these formidable works approachable.”
The New York Times

“All of the works seemed not only relevant but also important to understanding the nexus between contemporary life and art.”
-Karen E. Moorman, The Online Arts Journal of North Carolina

“A survey of Wet Ink programs from its eight-year history reveals that the group doesn’t so much cross boundaries as disregard them.”
Time Out New York

” a sort of common ground between Morton Feldman… and Sonic Youth” “Even at its gnarliest and most confrontational, the overall effect was intoxicating.”
-Steve Smith

“Like many classical musicians, they do “stylistic juxtapositions,” but they don’t use them as gimmicks or promotional conceits. Wet Ink’s relationships with improv and rock go back as far as the organization itself. And since the organization’s inception, the members of Wet Ink have become some of new music’s most interesting young composers.”
Dusted Magazine

“In [Wet Ink’s] programs, the formalized language and notated precision of the avant-garde, the discoveries of psychoacoustics and of minimalism are contaminated with the freedom and improvised strategies of urban music.”
-Alberto Bosco, Il Giornale della Musica (Italy)

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